Thursday, March 24, 2011

How to easily add beauty to your designs

What do you need to do? A new header for your blog or shop? A new avatar or logo?

For years and years I had been using Photoshop without knowing they even existed. And they were out there... thousands of them, ready to be used in every occasion you need it...
What I am talking about is... Brushes! Easily found and easily installed, they are a rich resource for your design: a swirl, a grunge effect, a bunch of dots, a ray of light... and so on.

Choose the brush of your choice, download it to your computer, and open Photoshop. Then, Window menu and Brushes option. Once you have the Brushes palette open, go to the little menu on the right top and display the options there. You just need to click on "Load Brushes", find the *.abr file you have previously downloaded and... voilá! A new set of brushes is at your service. When you need to use them, you will find them at the bottom of your current list of brushes :)

Here it is my favorite place where I look for cool and free stuff:

...and have fun designing!!

Gracias Carlitos Gabriel for sending me all those useful resources!!