Sunday, April 10, 2011

BESTeam Weekly Feature: Gilliauna, jewelry that makes your day a little brighter

With over twenty years of experience in jewelry design, Gilliauna enjoys creating colorful and quality accessories that will be perfect as a gift for yourself or for someone else!
Being an american citizen, she now lives and works over the border in British Columbia, Canada.
Whether your looking for the perfect necklace, a set of pretty earrings, a bracelet to match your favorite outfit or that ideal accessory you just can't do without, you're sure to find something in her shop.

Check these wonderful items I picked from Gilliauna´s Etsy Store!

Charm Bracelet with Seashells and Beach House Theme.
A handmade charm bracelet inspired by time spent at the beach house for some rest and relaxation. Created with clusters of seashells and shimmering beads caught between silver tone caps, this bracelet also includes lots of little beach charms in matching silver tones.

Beaded Gothic Necklace, Blood Red, Gold.
Gothic elegance abounds in this handmade necklace made from vintage golden rings combined with teardrops of blood red glass that gracefully drip to a point.

Handmade Beaded Book Charm - Dragonfly's Kiss
A silver-plated dragonfly and two-tone faceted glass bead of green and blue are set to dangle together on a silver-plated shepherds hook in this OOAK bookmark.

Frosted Teardrop Earrings, Wire Wrapped, Silver, Set of Seven.
Tiny frosted glass teardrop briolettes in seven different colors have all been carefully and securely wrapped with silver tone wire.

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I hope you enjoy checking out this wonderful shop, as much as I do!!