Saturday, June 25, 2011

BESTeam Weekly Feature: SandiVern

Born in Massachusetts, Sandy is a self taught crafter. Whenever she has the time, Sandy is always willing to try different crafts, specially anything involving soap making, knitting and jewelry making.
She has been making soaps for about 3 years now, using the cold process method of combining oils, butter and lye to create amazing soaps like these ones:

Dreaming of taking a scented and luxurious bath now...? I am !

Now if you love knitting like Sandy does, take a look at this beautiful stitch markers you can find in store:

Love the knitting stuff but not a knitter yourself? Now look at these hand knit washcloths, for a complete spa treatment!

Wanna see more? Visit SandyVern Etsy shop, just clicking here.
Her other shops right here:

To check what else SandyVern is up to, here it is the link to her blog.