Friday, August 5, 2011

BESTeam feature of the Week: Ardent Reverie

Two sisters and one passion: CRAFTS!
Ardent Reverie was founded by Melanie and Meghan Mina who started a sort of creative path since they were young girls. Now at their Etsy store they sell all kinds of BEAUTIFUL accessories... hats, scarves, earrings, hair pins and gorgeous handmade solid perfume contained in decorated tins hanging on a chain... for you to wear as a scented necklace!

I encourage you to visit their shop now, and see for yourself all these beauties!!

Paradise Cove Feather Earring

Solid Perfume Necklace - Honeysuckle

Emilie´s Garden Flower Clip

Holly shawl

You can also visit us on our site, Facebook and Twitter page

Also check our first video we've ever made, a compilation of some of our items.