Saturday, September 20, 2008

Felt fabric, a great re-discovery

I know felt -paƱolenci in spanish- since I remember. But it never really caught my attention.
One day, last november 2007, I found in a design magazine some beautiful little rolls made in felt and glued together making a chic wide belt.
I fell in love with the idea, ran to the nearest store and bought some pieces -brown, light-blue, pink- and I started making fervently some rolls, with hundreds of ideas in my head. Yes, I know I should post an image of those "famous" rolls... (soon, I promise!)

Then I thouhgt that felt would make a nice wall-art (background and shapes) and bought many more colors.

Days passed away, and I had my lovely collection of felt pieces filling with... dust :-(

Till I found it: AN INCREDIBLE source of tutorials of this sewing artist:, and I bought one for making two delicious sandwiches... with felt!
I found sewing this material very relaxing and the result, rewarding :-)

Here you see the son -and dad- playing with the toy-food:

I want more, I will surely buy more tutorials soon!!