Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fairytales & Adventure stories...

It would be difficult for me to decide wether I prefer a fairytale or a good book of adventures. But I think I like to find both combined in a single story.
When I was a little kid I liked all about princesses. Then I remember myself as an avid reader when I was a teenager, spending long hours completely immersed in books like Tom Sawyer, The Mysterious Island or some time traveling story.

Today I have just found some beautiful items that remind me of those stories.
Here I present you...

What a great dress for a dance with a Prince!

I feel like being in a cozy little cottage in the woods... with Snow White :)

The real adventurous heart of mine awakes at the sight of this intricate piece of art [sigh...]

Ahhh... how wonderful all those stories from childhood were... I feel happy tonight with memories of past times. Thank you, my team fellows, for showing your talent in such an inspiring way!

* * * * *

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